KVA@MWL: How online & offline came together

Early in March we packed our trunks and headed to London for Marketing Week Live, an annual exhibition for marketers, businesses and individuals with a love of all things marketing. It was just like going to Hogwarts!

 The event itself was exhilarating. We spoke to hundreds of marketing professionals about how the grass is greener in the countryside, and many of them played our bespoke ‘Popcorn Challenge’ App, which we designed exclusively for MWL.

Whilst creating our concept was a treat, utilising it was the real challenge and chance to showcase our strengths as an agency.

The first task was to make sure we conveyed our messaging across our online channels, whilst making sure to translate this to our offline channels and to our marketing week live stand.

“Marketing jokes are SEO last year…”

Our concept was about how we work as an agency, our diverse talent pool, relaxed work environment and agile way of working. 

To convey this online, we used a combination of sharing marketing related jokes, relevant news stories and plugs to our skills and services. This ran smoothly over a two-month period to generate interest and buzz around our MWL appearance. 

To show our abilities further, our creative director designed a big-top themed stand in KVA pink that highlighted our top skills and drew attention to us on the day. The design of any graphics we posted tied in neatly with the design of our stand to create a smooth link between our on and offline presence.

We wanted to increase our brand awareness over and above at the exhibition, so designed a bespoke digital element to allow visitors to interact with our brand. Our ‘Popcorn Challenge’ was super fun to play and gave clients a live demonstration of our work to convey our fun approach to tasks as well as our creativity.

Developing brand consistency across both online and offline channels is essential for any business to consider. By maintaining strong branding, clients know what to expect when working from you. Branding should convey the culture of your company as well as being visually impressive, something our concept conveyed exceptionally well.

Think Data

When designing the initial concept for our campaign and stand, we used existing data to really understand our audience. By looking at online metrics and analytics from our website and social media channels we were able to build a strong customer persona to base our work around. For example, as we would be aiming to gain professional contacts, LinkedIn was a key player in our online campaign.

We also used this information to post around trending topics and key events our audience would be interested in, in order to gain maximum return on our work.

A second consideration for our stand was to have a form of data collection. We would meet so many potential partners and clients at the show and wanted to remember them as much as we wanted to stick in their minds!

Our popcorn app collected email addresses from anyone playing the game, giving us a list of (hot leads) to follow up on after the event and thank for their involvement on the day.

Think Outcome

Many smaller agencies can get caught up in the cycle of client work that they neglect their own promotion and marketing activities. It’s important to continue talking to new people in diverse and engaging ways to make sure you’re consistently relevant to the modern client’s changing needs.

This is an important lesson for every business, big or small. With everyone and their dog (including our very own Head of Security) having a website and social channel, avoiding getting lost in a sea of content is crucial. This could be solved by working with an agency to get that buzz idea to revolutionize your campaign.

Overall the event was a huge success and we can’t wait for next time!


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Written by Emily Hale & Andrew Thomson