Winning Small Business of the Year 2017

We’re still on a come-down from a wonderful Friday night, where we were fortunate enough to be taking part in the Buckinghamshire Business Awards.

We had managed to be chosen as a finalist for the Small Business of the Year award, and came into the evening with no expectations of winning. So when they called our name out we were ecstatic. For us, it was a vindication of all the hard work that every member of our team has put in; of the incredible team spirit that we’ve managed to foster; and of our inspirational MD and owner Kelly Allison. She’s built KVA up from scratch and mentored every single one of us.

We thought you might like to see some of the best photos from the night. Here’s to the next one!

Developer Dan and Account Execs Emily and Andrew take in the reception before we all sit down for dinner.

Creative Director Rob hijacks the camera… again.

If you’d told us at the start of the night that we’d win Small Business of the Year, we’d have called it a tall tale.

Aylesbury Theatre scrubs up alright

Before confetti…

And after…

The caricaturist was spot on!


As the person writing this article, I was ecstatic to win. As an Account Executive, I’m fortunate enough to be able to have a hand in most things the company does. So I know how hard everyone works and how deserving they are of recognition of that work. Everyone wants the best possible result for both our clients and ourselves, and will work tirelessly to make that happen. I’m very proud to be able to work for a company that values those things and I have no doubt that we’ll continue to win things like this in the future.