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Thought Leadership
To podcast or not to podcast?

Whether it’s listening in the car or whilst hoovering, podcasts are integrated into our daily lives these days. Is pharma slow on the uptake though? On #medcomms day we explore the power of the podcast and show why it should be an essential part of HCP medical education programmes.

22nd June 2022
Thought Leadership
Being a good mentor

Mentoring is an incredibly powerful tool to help empower and support every member of the team to strive to be the best they can be. How can we make sure that we are the best mentors we can be?

10th June 2022
Thought Leadership
For me, the COVID lockdown never ended...

While most people are vaccinated and getting used to life post-COVID, a subset of the population have remained on high alert since the first lockdown of March 2020. Do recent MHRA approvals mean these immunocompromised individuals may finally be able to escape their two-year lockdown?

26th May 2022
Have we cured HIV?

With the recent announcement that a third person has now been cured of HIV, do we have the answers needed to eradicate this disease? Our Associate Medical Writer, Vicky Smith, investigates this and discusses the impact on treatment of HIV going forward.

19th May 2022
Thought Leadership
I love your brain

It wasn’t an eureka moment in the shower, but it was close enough. I was brushing my teeth one Saturday morning, studying my reflection and wondering how my beard had become so grey when I had an idea.

13th May 2022
Thought Leadership
The true meaning of resilience

Resilience is an important characteristic in the workplace, but have we lost touch with what it truly means? Our Director of Culture & Kindness, Hannah Ridgley, explores how a corporate culture of working without adequate downtime or recovery can be damaging to employee well-being, and asks us to take another look at how we define resilience.

3rd May 2022
Thought Leadership
A vaccine for malaria: what does it mean for the future?

Malaria is treatable and preventable. Despite this, malaria killed more than 629,000 people worldwide in 2020. On World Malaria Day 2022, our Associate Medical Writer, Vicky Smith, delves into treatment options for malaria and how approval of the first malaria vaccine may impact these stats.

25th April 2022
World Haemophilia Day 2022: what next?

Haemophilia. A word recognised by most people but understood by few: “the one that means you bleed a lot”. But for people with haemophilia (PwH), it is anything but that simple.

14th April 2022
Thought Leadership
Has advertising forgotten something important?

Has the advertising industry forgotten something important, how to create interesting narratives that the intended audience can truly engage with? Here is our Creative Director's thoughts on the topic.

8th April 2022
Do bums on seats matter anymore?

Do bums on seats matter anymore? Our Head of Business Development, Katie Corbin, asks whether in-person delegate numbers should really be an indicator of a successful tactic or whether it’s an outdated way of thinking.

30th March 2022
Targeted therapies - look how far we’ve come

We've come a long way in treatments for CML and there are interesting times ahead. Our Senior Medical Writer, Isabelle Sotheran looks at recent developments in targeted therapies that are soon to be welcomed by the CML community.

24th March 2022
Thought Leadership
The great migration to companies that care

In many industries at the moment, recruitment is difficult, with employees moving companies every year or so. Our Director of Culture and Kindness, Hannah Ridgley, shares her thoughts on how to maximise employee engagement and retention.

15th March 2022
Thought Leadership
The meeting has left the building

At KVA we like to stay ahead of the curve and a few weeks ago we made the decision to move to our Metaverse office. Our Creative Director shares his thoughts on the experience and why there is no going back.

8th March 2022
Thought Leadership
Rare Diseases Awareness Day 2022: what are rare diseases?

One of our Senior Medical Writers, Dr Rebekka Harding-Smith shares some insight into rare disease research & how advances in scientific technologies can help

28th February 2022
Thought Leadership
No turning back

The digital revolution has truly begun in healthcare communications, let's make sure it continues.

24th February 2022
Thought Leadership
We need a great idea... advertising is about to evolve

The metaverse is here, but are traditional advertising methods going to be good enough to communicate in it or are we going to need to think of something new?

7th February 2022
The professional divide on the 4-day working week

Will a 4-day work for every company? Hannah Ridgley, our Director of Culture and Kindness, gives her perspective.

20th January 2022