Behind the creative scenes of the new KVA site

Behind the creative scenes of the new KVA site

Kelly Allison takes 10 minutes out to discuss the eagerly anticipated launch of the new KVA website.

July 24, 2019         Read 1820 times

Where did the inspiration come from for the site?

At KVA we place significant value on providing brand experiences that connect to customers on an emotional level. We strongly believe that using technology creatively and with purpose, is the perfect way to story-tell and provide an all-encompassing brand experience and we wanted to demonstrate this with our new website.

After a couple of initial brainstorms and brand workshops with the team, a phrase popped up that caught our imagination, ‘The world is ours to explore’. With this in mind, the team began to think of ways to bring this to life in the digital space. Having such a strong brand statement nailed down early gave the project a real focus from the outset.

What does the phrase ‘The world is ours to explore’ mean to the team at KVA?

We feel this epitomises our mindset to explore and create innovative solutions for our clients. The digital world is always on the move and it’s up to us to help shape it. We truly believe that in order for our clients to maximise their brands potential, we need to continue being pioneers in this space and offer them new ideas that provide excitement and impact.

How does this all come to life on the website?

Firstly, we wanted the website to be playful and for it to demonstrate our sense of adventure. From design through to development this was always our aim. The main panoramic image contains 4 main scenes that range from an enchanted forest through to a desert oasis. The four environments are distinctly different to help convey that no territory is left unexplored at KVA, and that we are passionate about searching for the perfect solution. Each scene has its own unique feel and provides the user with a playground to explore our content. The main scenes contain hotspots of interest and rooms to enter and explore. We hope it inspires our clients to think differently and to know we are passionate about what we do.

What’s your favourite scene from the main panoramic?

My favourite scene is the enchanted forest. It’s an environment which conveys a real sense of mystery, magic, and playfulness. Playfulness is hugely important in our industry, as it helps when exploring new technologies and getting the most out of the creative process. The scene also takes me back to my childhood. We had a woodland near our family home which I used to love exploring, and this scene takes me back to those fond memories.

What were the main challenges for the team?

From a design perspective putting together the main panoramic image was very tricky. We wanted the scene to show four distinct environments and to blend these together needed a lot of attention to detail. We felt this was time well spent as it’s a key feature to the website and the user journey. From a development perspective, making the site work on mobile has been extremely challenging. With the panoramic image being landscape, this dictated the format of the website meaning that viewing it on a mobile screen in portrait was going to be problematic. As a result of this and in order not to spoil the experience, a decision was made to prompt the user to view the site in landscape format.

How does the website communicate what client services you provide?

We felt that in the process of designing the website we needed to re-categorise our services into 5 key buckets. This ensures clients clearly understand what our areas of expertise are; Creative/Experiential, Technology, Strategy, Social/Content and PPC/Data These 5 services are visualised within the treehouse of the enchanted forest. The user is able to delve into the room to unearth more detailed information and to review supporting case studies.

Now the site is live what plans do you have to keep it up to date?

Whilst the site is now live, it’s also a living breathing project, so we’ll be updating and evolving it constantly to continue along the journey of digital transformation that never ends! It’s so important that the site conveys our passion to make a difference in this industry. We will be adding new case studies to the site to continually demonstrate our mexperience and capabilities at KVA. We also want to continue to add touches of magic to the main panoramic scene to keep it refreshed and to enhance its sense of imagination. Lastly, we have a fantastic content plan to share which will enable us to post regular useful snippets, thought leadership pieces, insightful blogs and share exciting developments in tech with our audience. Follow us on social media to ensure you don’t miss out!