Our Top Secret Marketing Week Live Project

Our Top Secret Marketing Week Live Project

One of our daring developers has been busy behind the scenes creating an app for our exhibition stand at Marketing Week Live!

March 1, 2017         Read 3410 times

We’ve put together a little diary of our development and design process to give a taste of what we can do here at KVA.

Still Intrigued? If you like what you see and would love to try our popcorn app game, come and find us at MWL next week! You can buy tickets here:


Stage 1 – Design

As a team we sat down and discussed ideas for a simple game for fellow exhibitors to play. The most ‘out-there’ idea was to create a VR tightrope walk! (A quick look into health and safety guidelines and we sadly had to write this one off…)

Eventually, we had a solid concept to tie in with our circus theme and #ComingToTown, where the gamer has a set time to catch as much falling popcorn as possible, and our KVA Popcorn Challenge was born!

To add an extra element of competition into our app, we decided to include some popcorn in the classic KVA pink that would be worth an extra 5 points for the player. And, so as not to be too nice, we also added in some scary clowns that would mean an awful -5 points!

Our creative director Rob immediately got to work on a fun fairground design to appear as the background of our app, as well as designing our multi-coloured popcorn kernels and a creepy clown.

Several versions later, amends from every member of the team on things such as the background colour of our start screen, transparency of the clouds and music to accompany the game, and we had our popcorn app designed and ready for Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Development

Our lead developer Dan made the decision to build our app using HTML5 to create a compatible app across all platforms. We focused on creating a smooth and simple user experience with a ‘wow’ factor.

Functionality for our app included a popcorn bucket that users could move via the tablet’s touchscreen, a scoring system, and a multiscreen format.

After creating the flat pages, we moved on to bringing the app to life with animation. The main elements Dan animated were the popcorn that fell from the sky, and the spinning Ferris wheel. We then added in a theme tune that plays in the background, plus sound effects as each piece of popcorn is caught! These effects really engage the player in the game and add an extra element of excitement as a user plays.

Dan then coded the components of our app that linked everything together and created a playable game. This meant utilising the touch screen and making the popcorn bucket moveable, as well as devising a system to record scores and load them onto our leader board to display our winner.

Finally, we finished up by making sure everything could be used smoothly and was fun to play!

Dan couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the app, and, much to our Account Manager Harriet’s delight, created an Easter egg.

After Harriet typed in her name to play, instead of falling clowns, Harriet was faced with falling images of herself totalling -100 points when caught!

Once the development was finished, we moved on to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Testing

The rather extensive testing of our app included our MD Kelly’s 86 year old Grandpa and her 4-year-old daughter – guess which one made their way straight to the top of the leader board!

Initial issues we found were that once popcorn pieces landed on the floor during the game, you could still collect (or lose!) points by running over them. We also decided to reduce the play time to one minute to create an even better user experience.

After amends were made, we all had a go in the office, although the leader board is still topped by a 4-year-old…

Our app is now fully functional and ready to go – Warning: Expect the circus theme tune to be stuck in your head for up to a week after playing the app!

Popcorn Challenge at Marketing Week Live

(Here’s an early concept for our leader board - I’m still upset at coming in last L)

Whoever sits at the top of our leader board by the end of the exhibition next Thursday will WIN Ticketmaster vouchers to go and see a real live circus!

We’d love to see as many of you there as possible, so do grab a ticket and head on over to MWL here :)

Written by Emily Hale