In this social media age, there’s a huge emphasis on having an opinion and expressing your point of view. The attention is evermore focussed on your ‘voice’.

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Our MD Kelly Allison shares 9 ways that can help make you a great boss.

However much we tweet or post, it’s one of our other senses, hearing, which is vital when it comes to dealing with clients. More to the point listening.

By taking the time to listen to clients carefully, you are able to see their perspective, needs and concerns and this is at the heart of forming successful long-term relationships.

In terms of statistics, the average person talks at a rate of about 125 – 175 words per minute, while we can listen at a rate of up to 450 words per minute (Carver, Johnson, & Friedman, 1970). As a result, we are continually jumping ahead of what is actually being said. It’s therefore important to practice active listening and really concentrate on what is being said.

listening speeds

There are all sorts of solutions out there and several communication channels available to deliver them. Remember to treat a client’s budget respectfully and use it wisely. You’ll only do this by being attentive to their needs.

To quote Carl Rogers:
“Our inability to communicate is a result of our failure to listen effectively.”

Once you truly understand the issues, you are armed with all the information and insight to respond appropriately. Only then can you form a strategy that has real impact, which will generate the best returns for your clients.