Augmented Reality Corporate App

Augmented Reality Corporate App Janssen

The challenge

Janssen were holding a meeting that several important stakeholders were unable to attend. They required a digital solution to bring everyone into the meeting room in an engaging and creative way.

The Solution

KVA built an augmented reality app using image recognition scanning. We took portrait images of each missing person and mounted them on easels throughout the meeting room. Each attendee to the meeting was given an iPad and could scan each person's portrait to unlock a video of them speaking about the meeting topic.

The videos had been pre-filmed on a green screen allowing the background to be removed and give the illusion of the person being actively present in the space.

The Technology

  • Built using Cordova and HTML5 / CSS3
  • Image recognition combined with image markers
  • Video activation by scanning a photograph, bringing static portraits to life

The Results

Using AR technology met objectives of creating significant engagement with meeting attendees and was a cost effective way for missing execs to deliver their meeting content.