Virtual Reality Symposium

Virtual Reality Symposium Global healthcare company

The challenge

Our client holds regular EU symposiums and required this content to be delivered to their US audience. Location is the main boundary, since customers find travelling a barrier.

The Solution

We used Virtual Reality as a way to overcome location being a barrier to entry, allow for tracking of engagement with each piece of content and creating cost efficiencies when repurposing the same content for global reach. KVA created of a VR app housing pre-recorded EU symposium content, including KOL and case study videos and round table discussions in order to reach, educate and engage potential and existing customers.

The Technology

  • Build of app using Unity to run on the Oculus Go hardwear
  • App pre-installed on devices for easy access
  • Devices were posted out to up to 50 customers

The Benefit

  • No physical event location required – cost saving and 100% accessible for all
  • Content is re-purposed from EU symposium
  • Users can pause and revisit content at any point, making the app a valuable key resource
  • Collecting data – we can track and analyse how content is being viewed, gaining valuable insight.