Mixed Reality / HoloLens

Mixed Reality / HoloLens

The challenge

Using relevant emerging technology to solve real business problems, creating engagement opportunities and maximising on cost and time efficiencies. MR technology can add significant commercial value when applied in the right way.

The Solution

Commercially, there is a big opportunity for utilising this technology for visualisation and training. Applications include anything from visualising MRI results layered over patients when surgeons operate, to dialling in support engineers via Skype calls, allowing a remote operator to sketch on their iPad Pro and the person wearing the Hololens to view sketches in their live environment.

The Technology

  • The opportunity that hardwear such as the Microsoft HoloLens offers will shape the future of Mixed Reality applications. It allows you to blend the digital world with the real world in real time, bringing life-like objects or media into your environment
  • The eyewear tracks your movements, watches your gaze and transforms what you see with hologram technology. Because the device tracks where you are, you can use hand gestures to interact with 3D objects
  • The eyewear has a plethora of sensors detecting your movements and a camera which maps where tables, chairs and other objects are. It then uses that information to project 3D images on top or even inside them

Potential uses

  • Customer service teams can dramatically reduce the number of highly skilled field engineers required by using Smart glasses to detect what a problem might be
  • Machinery leased or sold to customers can be backed up by smart glass support, allowing for customers to scan their equipment with their gaze and a remote company rep assisting to diagnose faults or undertake maintenance of equipment
  • In demoing large format designs (building plans etc) and for looking around inside and out
  • For training in potentially dangerous situations, allowing risk to be misinimised yet teams to receive the life-like scenario required
  • Patient experiences - helping people to learn how to self inject or self administer certain procedures for the first time

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