Automated Data Bot

Automated Data Bot Global Healthcare Company

The challenge

Our client required development of a complex bi-directional script to automate data between their internal systems Veeva and Eloqua for GDPR compliant marketing to HCPs and up-to-date databases.

The Solution

KVA wrote a scripting bot to handle EU7 data, taking into account individual country data processing restrictions and GDPR compliance. When sales contacts are added into Veeva, they are run through a series of algorithm based rules and managed appropriately. Relevant opportunities are ported to Eloqua via the script for auto email triggers and vice versa.

The Technology

  • Veeva > Eloqua, Eloqua > Veeva scripting
  • Scripts to auto run on all customer data
  • Adhering to GDPR best practice
  • Managing opted-in data and country specific double opt-ins

The Results

The bot runs continuously and has proved efficient to cut down on data migration time and improve accuracy of recorded data.