Internal AR Sales Tool

Internal AR Sales Tool Thermo Fisher Scientific

The challenge

Thermo Fisher Scientific required a highly engaging, digitally focused way of delivering presentation content internally, moving away from traditional Powerpoint slide decks.

The Solution

An augmented reality iOS app, which launched with a fully interactive suspended globe as a navigation device. The user could use gestures to navigate in real-time and select a tile to load a slide from the deck.

By syncing the iPad to a projector via Apple TV, the audience were visible through the iPad's camera, adding to the presentation engagement.

The Technology

  • Clickable menu tiles with animated statistics and graphs
  • Each slide build in HTML allowing for CSS3 animation
  • Video content auto played on user load

The Results

The presentation secured the internal team sign-off on their budgets and all proposed digital assets for the coming year.

Adventure Awaits

'A company's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.'

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